Water Soccer

Water Soccer games will be back! Please contact us at enquiries@kovansports.com or call us at 6286 0256 if you require further assistance.

Water Soccer Futsal Football

Had enough of 5-a-side & 11-a-side games or just wish to try another version of soccer that is unconventional but yet fun and challenging ?
Then Water Soccer is for you !

This is not a game where the fittest survive or the most skilful players thrive. It’s a brand new concept.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whatโ€™s Water Soccer?
It’s a water-themed version of the beautiful game played in an inflatable court with ankle deep water.

What are the Rates for Booking Water Soccer?
Please scroll up if you missed out on the hourly leisure play rates. For events, please contact us at enquiries@kovansports.com or call us at 6286 0256. ๐Ÿ™‚

How Many Players Per Team?
Game can commence with at least 3 players per team. But of course if one guy can pay the full booking fee, we don’t mind a soccer pugilist wanting to hone his skills in the court. Heheh.

Can We Have Mixed-Gender Games?
Yes ! Water Soccer is more for team-building so (don’t have to be too serious lahh..) we do not prohibit mixed-gender games.

Playing Attire ?
Just wear something ! Seriously though, there are no hard-fast rules on what is the attire to be worn while playing Water Soccer. Shorts and T-Shirts are recommended. No shoes/slippers/sandals are to be worn in the court. It is not necessary to wear swimming costumes, swimming trunks or bikinis. Hahah. Do note that players are not to wear any accessories such as watches, necklace, rings, and earrings.

Duration Per Game ?
If you engage our services for a Water Soccer event, we will advise you according to your no. of teams and players.
Otherwise, it’s OTOT, Own Time Own Target (but of course within the timing that you booked lah).

What are the Water Soccer Rules & Regulations ?
Again, if you engage our services for an event, we will provide you with the Rules & Regulations which may vary due to different factors.
If it’s just a casual booking, it’s up to the players how they wish to play the game (just don’t destroy our court please).

What If The Ball Goes Out Of Play ?
Ermmmm..go and retrieve the ball ? Hahah..
But seriously if it’s during a tournament, opposition team will throw-in from the side of the court and the referee will decide the point of throw-in.

Is The Water Clean Enough For Us To Play In ? Is it Safe ?
Chlorine will be applied to the water 30 minutes before commencement of the games. Chlorine will effectively disinfect the water and destroy all organisms in it. For events, we will strongly recommend the players to trim their toe and finger nails before starting the game.

Is it safe for kids ?
Parents/guardians should be around to supervise their children if they are below the age of 7.

Is There A Place For a Shower After The Game ?
Yes, shower facilities are available at Kovan Sports Centre. Players are able to wash/clean up before leaving.

What Are The Benefits To Playing Water Soccer ?
Fitness experts believe that playing Water Soccer enhances an individual’s core strength, balance and coordination.

Where Can I Find More Information on Water Soccer ?
What else do you need ? Hahah.. Do feel free to call us directly at 6286 0256 and speak to one of our friendly staff to find out more. ๐Ÿ™‚