Futsal 5v5 is back to normal!

Important Notes:

  • MAXIMUM 10 PAX allowed inside the court at any time.
  • Players MAY REMOVE MASK EXCEPT WHEN THEY GO TO THE TOILET / INDOOR. Although safe distancing requirement no longer applies, kindly try to practise social and safe distancing for the safety of everyone within the sports centre.
  • Consumption of Food Is Strictly DISALLOWED at COURT AREAS.
  • Also, consumption of alcoholic drinks of any content is strictly prohibited.
  • All students are required to produce valid student passes for verifications at point of entry / before play. Student rate booking is strictly for friendly kickabout and not for student coaching / training sessions or competition / tournament purposes.
  • Bookers / Players are required to report at booking office to verify your bookings before proceeding to the court to commence play.
  • Once booking is confirmed, no cancellation, amendment / postponement or refund is allowed.
  • Players who are unwell or tested ART positive are to observe MOH’s Healthcare Protocol (i.e., see a doctor if unwell, or self-isolate at home for 72hrs if ART tested positive, no further participation in team sports facility/activity/event).
  • Spectators and onlookers are limited to 10 pax per court booking