FET for Sport & Fitness and Self-Employed Persons

Fast and Easy Testing (FET) will be made mandatory from mid-July 2021 for all coaches, instructors and staff, who come into contact with unmasked persons in the course of their work. This segment of the workforce is required to be on a regular FET regime using tests such as the antigen rapid test (ART), regardless of their vaccination status.

For more information, please click on link below (Updated on 14 September 2021):


Note to all coaches and instructors who are holding their training sessions at Kovan Sports Centre:

  • Kindly provide us with a screenshot of your FET results before your session, this is to ensure that all coaches have been tested and able to continue with their training.
  • Kovan Sports Centre will not be able to allow coaches or instructors to enter our premises if they failed to submit a valid FET result to us.
  • Coaches and Instructors, please ensure that you undergo FET every 7 days.

Feel free to email us at enquiries@kovansports.com if there is any questions.