FET for Sport & Fitness and Self-Employed Persons

Fast and Easy Testing (FET) will be made mandatory from mid-July 2021 for all sport and fitness sector. This segment of the workforce is required to be on a regular FET regime using tests such as the antigen rapid test (ART), regardless of their vaccination status.

For more information, please click on link below (Updated on 8 November 2021):


Note to all coaches and instructors who are holding their training sessions at Kovan Sports Centre:

  • Kindly provide us with a screenshot of your FET results before your session, this is to ensure that all coaches have been tested and able to continue with their training.
  • Kovan Sports Centre will not be able to allow coaches or instructors to enter our premises if they failed to submit a valid FET result to us.
  • Coaches and Instructors, please ensure that you undergo FET every 7 days for fully vaccinated workers and TWICE every 7 days for non-vaccinated workers.

Feel free to email us at enquiries@kovansports.com if there is any questions.